Developed instruments

lab developedinstruments


Optimalised Specimen insert/retract mechanism (proof of concept)

Calibration sample for magnetic contrast imaging in SEM

Polarization Manipulation Using a Dielectric Metasurface

Specimen Manipulator


Focusing lens as a dielectric metasurface


Apparatus for cold electron auto emission measurements

Atomic source designed for UHV SEM

Technology for observation of redox reactions in SEM

Optical module for imaging and spectroscopy in back focal plane

Metal-nitride layer with plasmonic optical structure

Control unit for atomic hydrogen source

Method for fabrication of metallic optical metasurfaces on transparent non-conductive substrates


Atomic hydrogen source suitable for SEM


Akiyama probe holder for magnetic layer deposition

Sample holder for sample cooling (20 K) and heating (1000 K) in UHV


Electrochemical cell for simultaneous measurements of optical properties

Spin-off company: NenoVision offering AFM for electron microscopes.


Educational Model of Scanning Probe Microscope

Stick-slip piezoelectric motor 

Low temperature ultra-high vacuum microscope STM

Fiber interferometer

Preamplifier for SPM



Scanning Kerr microscope

Sublimation source of carbon atoms

Radiatively heated Al effesion cell

Transport measurement setup

Three segment ogranic molecule evaporation source 

Ambient conditions SPM

Piezo-impact drive

Tip etching station

Device for optical spectroscopic measurements

BUT ToF-SARS analyzer for hydrogen detection


System for characterization and optimization of piezoactuators

Preamplifier for quartz tuning fork signal

Device for relative humidity regulation in AFM

Colutron type ion source

Automation and control of deposition by IBAD/IBS

Probes for scanning near-field optical microscopy

High voltage amplifier and low-noise linear power supply

The list of instruments developed before 2013 can be found here.