Selective cysteine detection

01/11/2014, Michaela Šimšíková

Selective cysteine/homocysteine colorimetric and fluorescence sensing using CuO/ZnO nanocomposite

Cysteine and homocysteine play a crucial role in many biological functions but abnormal levels of these amino acids may lead to various forms of pathogenesis. In our paper we report on a rapid, straightforward and highly selective method for the detection of cysteine (Cys) and homocysteine (Hcy) which uses a CuO/ZnO nanocomposite. The presence of Cys and Hcy in a solution of the nanorods induces a change in its color from light blue to dark grey which is visible to the naked eye. This novel assay method does not respond to any other amino-acid which is present in living organisms; therefore the selective determination of cysteine can be carried out in aqueous solutions without the need for any sophisticated instrumentation, fluorophore molecules or complicated procedures.

For further information see our paper here.