Graphene group members


Mira Zuzka Jindra Pavel
Miroslav Bartošík Zuzana Lišková Jindřich Mach Pavel Procházka
MiraBartos2 Martin Milos Radim
Miroslav Bartoš Martin Konečný Miloš Hrabovský Radim Zahradníček





Mira Miroslav Bartošík


Email: mira.bartosik(at)


MiraBartos2 Miroslav Bartoš


Email: bartos(at)


Milos Miloš Hrabovský


Email: hrobarmeister(at)


Martin Martin Konečný


Email: martinkonecny0(at)


Zuzka Zuzana Lišková

My PhD study is focused on fabrication and investigation of graphene-based sensors. Preparation of graphene by the mechanical exfoliation and characterization its quality by atomic force microscopy, Raman scattering and reflectometry belong to experiences obtained during my master study. Main part of my work is creation of nanostructures by the electron beam lithography (EBL), using focused ion beam (FIB) or electron beam induced deposition (EBID). These methods are used for fabrication of metal contacts and shaping the graphene produced by our group (exfoliated graphene, CVD graphene and graphene oxide). Thereafter electrical transport properties are measured on graphene samples. In addition, the graphene resistivity response to relative humidity changes is studied. 

Email: zuzana.liskova(at)


Jindra Jindřich Mach


Email: jindrich.mach(at)


Pavel Pavel Procházka
Currently, the main part of my doctoral work is focused on the preparation of high quality CVD (Chemical Vapor Deposition) graphene on copper surface and the measuring of its transport properties. As a part of my master study, I have spent 6 months at Eindhoven University of Technology (NL) where I was working on the preparation and characterization of graphene on silicon carbide (SiC). During my PhD study I also spent 6 months at ETH Zurich (CH) and I have gained extensive knowledge about the low-temperature transport measurement of low-dimensional structures.
Email: pavel.prochazka(at)


Radim Radim Zahradníček


Email: radimzah(at)