The weekly program of seminars. The seminars take place in the department seminar room on Wednesday at 14:00.

Date Speaker Topic misc.
13.6.2018 Jiří Babocký   Journal club
Miroslav Bartošík Charge transport at SiO2/graphene interface Regular
6.6.2018 Jakub Zlámal Correction of spherical and chromatic aberration in SEM Regular
30.5.2018 Zaoli Zhang Revealing the structure and property of materials via atomic-resolution study Invited
23.5.2018 Petr Dvořák Phase imaging of surface plasmon polaritons using spatial light modulator  Regular
16.5.2018 Filip Ligmajer Vanadium dioxide for tunable plasmonic metasurfaces Regular
9.5.2018 Martin Konečný Fabrication and Application of Graphene-Metal Hybrid Structures in Biosensing by Surface-Enhanced Raman Spectroscopy Regular
2.5.2018 Wolfgang Wallisch Detecting electron energy losses by measuring colossal magnetoresistance (CMR) effect Invited


Reshef Tenne Inorganic nanotubes and fullerene-like nanoparticles at the crossroad between materials science and nanotechnology and their applications Invited
18.4.2018 Tomáš Pejchal Band gap measurement in TEM Journal club
Vlastimil Křápek Mapping of localized plasmons in metallic particles with electron energy loss spectroscopy and cathodoluminescence Regular
11.4.2018 Ewelina Mackiewicz Synthesis and study on silver nanowires modified with tin oxides Invited
3.4.2018 Stéphane Mangin Magnetisation manipulation with light and electrons femto- second pulses (at CEITEC S2.02) Invited
28.3.2018 Lukáš Kormoš Precise engineering of quantum dot array coupling through their barrier widths Journal club
Tomáš Šamořil FIB-SEM system with compact TOF-SIMS Regular
21.3.2018 Filip Ligmajer New regulations for publications at BUT Journal club
Josef Polčák Silicon dioxide etching by silicon deposition Regular

Karel Výborný

On certain linear-response quantities in antiferromagnets Invited
7.3.2018 Michal Staňo Spin-polarized scanning electron microscopy Regular
28.2.2018 Martin Konečný Large-scale quantum emitter arrays in atomically thin semiconductors Journal club
Jon Ander Arregi Magneto-optical Kerr effect investigation of spatially confined FeRh Regular
21.2.2018 Lukáš Flajšman Probing surface crystallography by SEM in low electron energy regime Journal club
Vojtěch Švarc Water meniscus detection by nanoconstriction Regular
14.2.2018 Vlastimil Křápek Babinet's principle in plasmonics Regular
7.2.2018 Jon Arregi Spin transfer torque devices utilizing the giant spin Hall effect of tungsten Journal club
Zoltán Édes Photoluminescence enhancement of Si quantum dots by coupling with metallic nanoparticles Regular
31.1.2018 Miroslav Bartošík Biosensing near the CNP of graphene Journal club
Miroslav Kolíbal WOx inclusions in WS2 nanotubes by electron-beam-induced oxidation Regular
24.1.2018 Tomáš Šamořil Atomically flat single-crystalline gold nanostructures for plasmonic nanocircuitry Journal club
Pavel Procházka Phase transition of BDA molecules on Ag(100) Regular
17.1.2018 Josef Polčák Thermal behaviour of metal layers sandwiched by silicon dioxide layers Journal club
Martin Hrtoň Phase measurement by a-SNOM Regular
10.1.2018 Jindřich Mach Growth and Characterization of GaN Nanostructures toward Electron Field Emitter Application Journal club
Michal Kvapil "Plasmonic skin" Regular