The weekly program of seminars. The seminars take place online via MS Teams on Wednesday at 14:00.

Date Speaker Topic misc.
21.04.2021 Vojtěch Schánilec Micromagnetism as a tool for probing artificial spin ice systems and their models Regular (MS Teams)
14.04.2021 --- Seminar cancelled ---
07.04.2021 Eric Daniel Glowacki   Invited (MS Teams)
31.03.2021 David Pokorný GaN thin films grown on Cu substrates with graphene cover layer Regular (MS Teams)
24.03.2021 Martin Kovařík Kelvin Probe Force Microscopy: Investigation of defects and electronic properties of low-dimensional materials Regular (MS Teams)
17.03.2021 Kristýna Bukvišová In-situ electron microscopy of CVD reactions Regular (MS Teams)
10.03.2021 Jakub Holobrádek   Regular (MS Teams)
Ondřej Wojewoda   Regular (MS Teams)
03.03.2021 Pavel Bábík   Regular (MS Teams)
24.02.2021 Martin Kovařík postponed Regular (MS Teams)
17.02.2021 Zdeněk Jakub How Does Water Wet an Oxide Surface? Invited (MS Teams)
10.02.2021 Ondřej Brunn   Regular (MS Teams)
03.02.2021 Tomáš Strapko Different approaches for background subtraction in ESA-LEIS spectra Regular (MS Teams)
27.01.2021 Pavel Gallina Strong Coupling in Plasmonics Regular (MS Teams)
20.01.2021 Vojtěch Čalkovský Preparation and characterization of GaN nanostructures with silver core Regular (MS Teams)
Tomáš Šikola Strong Coupling Journal Club
09.12.2020-13.01.2021 --- Winter break ---