The weekly program of seminars. The seminars take place in the department seminar room on Wednesday at 14:00.

Date Speaker Topic misc.
19.06. - 26.09     Summer break
12.06.2019 Tomáš Šikola Organizational matters  
05.06.2019 Michael Stöger-Pollach (TU Wien) EELS and CL for chemical and optical quantification in (scanning) transmission electron microscopy (within the project SINNCE - Courses on Advanced Topics III) Invited
29.05.2019 Marc Willinger (ETH Zurich)   Invited
22.05.2019 Alois Lugstein (TU Wien) Nanowires – building blocks for novel devices Invited
15.05.2019 Friedrich Aumayr (TU Wien) What can be learned from ion transmission through 2D materials?    (at CEITEC) Invited
24.04.2019 Petr Bábor   Regular
Tomáš Šikola Single photon emitters Journal club
10.04.2019 Tomáš Pejchal Auger Electron Spectroscopy (AES) at CEITEC - Possibilities and Limitations Regular
03.04.2019 Libor Mrňa Aktuální trendy a druhy výkonových laserů a jejich aplikace Invited
27.03.2019 Marek Vaňatka Spin wave excitation and propagation properties in a permalloy film Journal club
20.03.2019 Michal Horák Imaging of magnetic signal by EELS Regular
Jakub Zlámal Flash Reliability in Production:  The Expected and the Unexpected Journal club
13.03.2019 David Nezval DFT study of Gallium and water adsorbents on graphene Regular
Martin Hrtoň "Supermaus" - Augmented vision in mammals Journal club
06.03.2019 Lukáš Flajšman Magnonic metamaterial based on the metastable fcc iron thin films Regular 
Michal Staňo Selective Area Atomic Layer Deposition Journal club
27.02.2019 Lukáš Kormoš Metal-organic molecular layers on surfaces Regular
20.02.2019 Özgür Polat Topological Insulators and Their Possible Applications Regular
06.02.2019 Jakub Hrubý Introduction to Electron Spin Resonance Regular
Vinicius Santana Applications of Electron Spin Resonance Regular
30.01.2019 Andreas W. Schell The hybrid approach to quantum optics building blocks Regular
Miroslav Kolíbal Safe use of HF Journal Club
23.01.2019 Radek Holeňák   Erasmus report
Pavel Procházka   Journal Club
16.01.2019 Stanislav Voborný                                                                                            Regular
Vojtěch Uhlíř   Journal Club
09.01.2019 Igor Turčan Magnetism in curved geometries Regular
Jan Čechal Single Layer of Polymeric Fe-Phthalocyanine: An Organometallic Sheet on Metal and Thin Insulating Film Journal Club