The weekly program of seminars. The seminars take place online via MS Teams on Wednesday at 14:00.

Date Speaker Topic misc.
09.06.2021 --- Year-end meeting Regular (offline)
02.06.2021 --- Seminar cancelled ---
26.05.20201 Matěj Horáček Where plasmonics meet the life science: A plasmon ruler to probe conformational transitions of single molecules Invited (MS Teams)
19.05.2021 Filip Sekula Simultaneous assessment of energy, charge state and angular distribution for medium energy ions interacting with ultra-thin self-supporting targets: A time-of-flight approach Regular (MS Teams)
05.05.2021 Libor Vojáček Giant Perpendicular Magnetic Anisotropy Enhancement in MgO-Based Magnetic Tunnel Junctions with Fe/Co Composite Layer Regular (MS Teams)
28.04.2021 Peter Kepič Vanadium dioxide nanostructures in nanophotonics Regular (MS Teams)
21.04.2021 Vojtěch Schánilec Micromagnetism as a tool for probing artificial spin ice systems and their models Regular (MS Teams)
14.04.2021 --- Seminar cancelled ---
07.04.2021 Eric Daniel Glowacki Optical Control of Nerves Using Electrolytic Photocapacitors Invited (MS Teams)