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Current projects:

  • Advanced microscopy and spectroscopy platform for research and development in nano and microtechnologies (Intersectoral national project, TACR 2012 – 2019). Project pages.
  • Control and application of plasmon interference patterns (GACR, project No. GA15-21581S, T. Šikola)
  • Novel Wide Bandgap Semiconductor Materials and Devices (TACR-ε, project No. TH01011284, T. Šikola)
  • Development of Novel Technologies for Trench Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors (TIGBT) Manufacturing (TACR-ε, project No. TH01010419, P. Bábor)
  • Self-organized functional layers of molecular quantum bits (MŠMT/DAAD, project No. 7AMB15DE005, J. Čechal)
  • Fabrication of magnetic metamaterials by focussed ion beam direct writing (GACR/FWF, project No. ??, M. Urbánek)
  • Controlling the magnetic phase transition in spatially confined structures (GACR, project No. 16-23940Y, V. Uhlíř)
  • Tuneable magnetic materials based on heterostructures featuring a first-order magnetic phase transition (SoMoProproject No. 5SA15072, V. Uhlíř)
  • Semiconductor nanowires for mid-IR and THz spectral regions (GACR, project No. 16-16423Y, M Kolíbal)

Recently finished projects:

  • Mapping of localized plasmonic resonances on nanoantenas (GACR 2012 – 2015, T. Šikola).
  • Universal SEM as a multi-nano-analytical tool (International project under 7FP of EU, 2012 – 2015). Project pages.
  • Growth of semiconductor nanowires with optimized functional properties (GAČR, project No. GPP108/12/P699, M. Kolíbal)
  • GACR (Urbánek): the Grant Agency of the Czech Republic (project No. GPP102/12/P443

Main finished projects:

  • 2 European TEMPUS projects in the field of advanced material technologies which involved 13 universities (1991–94 and 1995–96, respectively)
  • Development of In-situ Monitoring Technologies for the Control of Advanced Surface Processing System, project COPERNICUS (1995 – 97)
  • 5 international Kontakt projects: coopration with Arizona State University, 1999 – 2001), Technische Universität Wien, 2001 – 2002, 2004 – 2005), Johannes Kepler Universität Linz, 2003 – 2004, 2005 – 2006).
  • Plasmon antenna resonances investigated using electron energy loss Spectroscopy, The Royal Society grant (BUT – Imperial College, 2009 – 2010).
  • 2 major national cooperative projects: Structures for the fundamental research – structures for nanophotonics and nanoelectronics, (2006 – 2011), Functional hybrid nanosystems of semiconductors and metals with organic materials (2007 – 2011), and 11 other national grant projects.