ThermoFisher Scientific stipendium

Thermo Fisher Scientific supports excellent students of the srudy programme Physical Engineering by a unique funding scheme - half of the budget are pesonal costs, the other half can be used for travel, conference visits or consumables related to diploma theses.

Funding is targeted to master theses topics related to particle optics (sources, optics, detection, applications etc.) or development of related instruments using knowledge from different scientific fields (physics, design/mechanical engineeing, vacuum, electrical engineering, software …). Funding scheme can also support theses where some parts of experimental work would be performed utilizing interaction of particles with surfaces under a low pressure environment or for preparation of samples utilizng particle optics. 

Awarded students (funding start/end)

2013/2015 - Michal Horák, Tomáš Pejchal

2015/2017 - Martin Čalkovský, Gabriela Olivíková, Igor Turčan

2016/2018 – Mojmír Komora, Viola Křižáková, Štěpán Kovařík

2017/2019 – Martin Kovařík, Kristýna Bukvišová, Juraj Bobek

BUT contact: Miroslav Kolíbal