Fiber interferometer

The device is capable of a displacement measurement down to 1 nm resolution in the range of 1 mm. The displacement is measured by red He-Ne gas laser guided into an optical fiber. The end of optical fiber has to be mount in the interferometer range and perpendicular to the measured surface. The device is used for the calibration of piezoceramic components in SPM and for the displacement measurements of AFM cantilevers. The interferometer consits of optical fiber optocoupler (ratio 99:1, with FC/APC connectors for connecting the laser and detecting branch of interferometer), detecting photodiode with amplifier for photodiode signal processing. 


1) He-Ne Laser, 2)fiber coupler, 3) optocoupler, 4) photodiode signal amplyfier, 5) piezoelectric parts calibration device, 6) vibration insulation, 7) function generator, 8) high-voltage amplyfier.